The alluring and romantic 1948 Pontiac Silver Streak, distinctively and lovingly named "Pearl" is a stylish, classic sedan and nostalgic moving work of art. The restoration project for "Pearl" began in February 2011 and was a 2 1/2 year journey.  After being in storage for over 30 years, Pearl was transported and entrusted to the restoration care of Stephen Reinero, owner of Steve's Camaro Shop in Granite Bay, CA. The restoration was strategic utilizing the skills of several highly talented and experienced automotive craftsmen.  Every detail was approached and analyzed with professionalism and integrity.  Restored to brilliant as-new condition, the vehicle features vintage air-conditioning, Rolls Royce White exterior paint, vintage white wall tires, SiriusXM Radio & CD player, a plush interior in elegant shades of caramel, a custom wet bar and lots of shiny, polished chrome accents.











True restoration consists of as much authenticity as possible - though Pearl was not restored to her original mechanics, her mere presence will still take your breath away and transport you back in time to a decade rich in charm and character - perfect for any Sentimental Journey.

The Legacy and Dream Deferred

A SPECIAL Pearl sighting of my Dad (Bob Williams) & Pearl since it all started

with him. Through my adventures with Pearl, EVERYONE asks how it came to be

that not only do I get to drive the car, but how is it that I actually own the business? 

I absolutely LOVE telling the story of Dad & My Old Friend - is a legacy

that was in the making long before any of us even were aware. 

Dad was an electrician by trade and about 35 + years ago, he did an electrical job

for a guy and at the end the guy asked if he would take $300 off the bill - he would

give him that old car. Dad being a vintage car enthusiast said yes and brought Pearl

home where she sat out on the ranch where we lived in Herald, CA. When my parents 

divorced and just before Dad move to Maryland, he brought me the car and said I don't

know what I will ever do with it - but hang on to it. That I did - I had Pearl in the garage

for several years; in an outdoor storage for a few and finally moved it to a container

where she sat in storage for a total of 27 years. A gentleman that I worked with at the

time had his vintage camaro restored at a shop in Granite Bay, CA (Steve's Camaro Shop)

and suggested that I should have the Pontiac taken there.

Obviously, after 27 yrs...Dad wasn't coming back for her. So I thought what am I going

to do with this car? I also decorate for weddings and special events and noticed that there

weren't any vintage cars at weddings, so I decided that's what I would do with it. It took

about three and a half years to restore Pearl. Fortunately, we had most of the parts and

we were on the 'Pay As You Go' method so it took a little bit of time to get her restored.

Throughout the process, Dad was able to visit the restoration shop with me and assist

somewhat with ordering some of the parts.

When the project was completed, we had what we called a Debutante Ball in 2013 to

debut the company Sentimental Journey and had a big party with her on display to

celebrate. Dad was the honored guest and he got to see the car fully restored, drive her

and give the special toast to launch the company. He also was with me to scope out the

wedding venue of our maiden transportation job and I even had the opportunity to

chauffeur him in Pearl to church during his last visit here in California.  

I lost my Dad suddenly in August 2014, but somehow, I know that he's always with us.

I like to think of Pearl with all of our contacts, weddings and 'sightings' around town as

living Dad's Legacy with his "Dream Deferred" as he didn't know what he was going to do

with Pearl when he got her, it certainly wasn't this....but I know for sure it superceded his

ideas and expectations. He was so proud! What a ride....from such meager beginnings to a

Touch of Grandeur and Elegance.....truly the 'Lap of Vintage Luxury'.

And that's the story of Pearl!

Thank you Dad for the gift of My Old Friend - Pearl! We make a good team! You left a legacy

and I'm honored to drive her, honored to participate in the lives of so many, and simply

honored to tell 'your' story.